Community Engagement

We blend on-the-ground community engagement with high-level strategic alignment, bringing a cohesive and direct understanding of how equity and processes can drive work, rather than answer to it.

How We Work

We engage with and continuously strengthen our relationships with impacted communities to ensure the integrity of the project or initiative  is being met. Our mission is to vertically integrate community perspective throughout a project's vision. Projects are informed by community perspective; community knowledge is uplifted through project transparency and education.

Our team members are experienced in the design and execution of integrated communications for education and training, and for simplifying complex technological information for all types of audiences and all levels of comprehension.

What We Deliver

The inclusion of diverse perspectives in a project's strategy delivers culturally-specific, sustainable, and durable solutions. To get there, we partner with trusted community based organizations to mobilize community members' often untapped perspectives.

We host listening sessions and workshops, recruit and develop advisory committees, coordinate targeted community coalitions, provide feedback and listening reports, inform project strategy, provide community-led direction and course-correction, and create a circular feedback loop between community members and project executors.