Community-Led Development

Communities thrive when residents have the opportunity to participate in the planning process of where they live. By creating community-informed development strategies, city planners and developers receive higher returns on their investments.

What is the goal of infrastructure, if not to serve the people who use it?

Value is created when communities are able to direct the strategy and outcomes of development investments. The perspectives of these ‘end users’ of development, extend success far beyond project timelines. Most importantly, community-led strategy spurs local empowerment and downstream accountability. 

Blending the lived experiences of residents with the technical expertise of developers is what creates a truly livable space. We aim to strike the right balance between them. It’s not an easy balance, but the trust we build along the way is fundamental to building sustainable communities where people feel included, respected, and safe.

The projects we work on are changing the game of who’s included in economy. Our efforts support this process at every level: from from the initiatives of major development actors to community-level inclusion programs supporting opportunities from the ground up. At every level, we are committed to positive change through inclusion.