Strategy & Research

We help projects and proposals access millions of dollars in strategic funding. Our goal is always to leverage synergies where they exist, creating exponential opportunity for resources and impact.


We know from experience that funding is awarded based on two equally important elements: understanding the goals and objectives of the funding source and developing a no-nonsense project plan that stands its own. Our promise is to focus on just that, as we build winning proposals for revolutionary projects. We strengthen, streamline, and integrate projects’  strategy for community and environmental impact. We help set up project executors to deliver on strategy once funding is won.


We are involved in strategy development from the most initial stages of projects, particularly where economic inclusion, sustainable impact, and community engagement are central to the project’s mission. 

For projects with stringent work streams or those geared heavily towards technical expertise, we write the equity-centered proposal sections and provide strategy around holistic integration within the project objectives at large.