Urban Planning

We take transform hard-fought policies into actionable and relevant development at the local levels. We work with local agencies to provide technical expertise, aligning new and existing systems plans with funding, partners, community impact.


We approach our planning work with an iterative and action-oriented lens. We are often involved with public projects case study or inaugurate a new policy alignment, initiative, or strategic framework. This process requires robust and honest dedication to the iterative process, to ensure that the impacts of decisions are evaluated in real time. We also contribute systems-level advice to agencies by summing our analyses of what success looks like with community needs across fields and industries. 

With a current focus on housing and transportation, our work deeply involves the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Department of Transportation (DOT).


We contribute technical expertise to projects, agencies and companies across investment timelines and develop course-corrective strategies to incorporate lessons learned. For broader systems development, we contribute policy update memos, briefings, and industry-level analyses. This work often requires strategic framework alignment across entities and agendas.