Just Energy Transition

Our current and future investments in clean energy should make clean technology affordable and accessible to all, uplift communities that have been left behind, and ensure those who have suffered the most are the first to benefit.

A just transition starts with the people.

As climate change, pollution, and plummeting biodiversity pose unprecedented threats to our planet and the resources we depend on, we need to transition towards greener, more efficient, resilient and climate-neutral economies and societies. This requires a fundamental shift in how we organize ourselves and significant reinvestment in new and regenerative ways.

A just transition involves maximizing the social and economic opportunities of transitioning while minimizing and carefully managing the challenges. Across projects and sectors, our team and our partners are dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities and maximizing the benefits of transitioning to serve marginalized communities both directly and indirectly.

Through our partnerships, we work to identify the critical barriers that low-income and marginalized communities face in clean energy adoption. By informing investment strategy upstream on the supply side, and channeling funding downstream to community infrastructure projects, we work together to build the pathways needed for us to collectively get there. It takes a village to change culture and infrastructure alike.