Transportation & Mobility

Transportation planning must be informed by and integrated within other development goals – and focus explicitly on improving the social, ecological, and economic health of communities.

Transportation equity has ripple effects throughout communities.

The design of a community's transportation system should be human-centered and nature-positive. Injustices related to freeway planning, lack of options, and historical policy choices have created disjointed communities. Our work in transportation looks to address this by focusing on ways to promote health and equity within transportation planning. With these changes, the wellbeing of people and place are uplifted.

Our team supports public local authorities with their required transportation plan system updates and adhering to new transportation policies from state and federal transportation departments. To do so, we bring community voices into the planning process. We utilize historical storytelling through the National Environmental Policy Act, Title 6, and the Planning and Environmental Linkage. We address cultural, environmental, and economic externalities of tax increment financing. And we support in developing metrics of success to monitor and assess transportation investments and their impacts.